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People Share Their Thoughts About VelDean

II have known VelDean Fincher for over 35 years and I can’t remember when, in ANY of those years, VelDean has not been helping people.  Those who have been seriously engaged have found her coaching input has made a difference in dozens of lives.

-She knows how to actively listen for the difference between the interesting and the important.

-VelDean actually couches all of her work in the critical theories of transition that are most critically effective to the success of the unique person with whom she works.

-I have personally used her professional services to transition through the untimely death of my wife of 43 years. I got back on my feet because of her being 100% available to talk whenever needed until I was successfully on “the other side of the darkness”. Amazingly facilitative!

-I continue to refer my clients confronted with agonizing trade-offs/choices (particularly divorce) to VelDean. She has succeeded every time.

                                            Russell Osmond, PhD.

                                            CEO, Change Strategies, International

Russell Osmond.jpg

VelDean  has an adept ability to listen and respond in a thoughtful, logical way. She uses communication as a means to accomplish a goal in a unified manner, drawing the strengths from individuals, while minimizing their weaknesses. Her rapport with clients is unmatchable, giving them a confidence that [she] cares about them individually and strives to give them the best possible outcome.


Communication, patience, kindness and logic are essential elements of VelDean’s character. It is for this reason that I have confidence in her ability to bring a defined focus and positive impact to many lives, helping people negotiate uncertainty and insecurities, and towards becoming confident, capable and content.

                                      Diane Strube, Legal Assistant

Diane Strube.jpg


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VelDean is a caring professional and creatively assists her clients. Her ideas are fresh and catered for the individual client. She knows success and develops a great plan.

                            Gail Trauco, CEO

                            The PharmaKon, LLC

VelDean, you have been a great life coach for a long time! You have helped me so much in finding clarity and so supportive theses past five years. I am so glad you are now offering your skills and expertise as a professional. Congratulations!

                                            Caroline Wadlin, M.D.

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