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About VelDean

VelDean Fincher is an experienced personal coach, both professionally and as a volunteer. She has a unique ability to build rapport, listen keenly for understanding, and help draw out solutions from within her coaching clients. Not dictating cookie cutter answers but assisting her clients to discover answers that they feel are genuine for themselves.

VelDean has experienced the many types of life transitions of which she speaks. She is a survivor of a difficult divorce and had to create a new life plan as a single parent. Although never widowed, she is intimately aware of the life transition that follows the loss of a beloved spouse. Having raised 4 daughters, she has walked the path of transition that follows becoming an empty nester. She has experienced career changes, both of her own choice and following being downsized in challenging economies. She has experienced retirement and had to look that major transition in the face and discover her purpose and passion for the contributions she now makes during this time of life. Today, approximately 10,000 people turn 65 each day.

Educated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, certification as a paralegal, and a Master of Science degree, she has also found satisfaction in continually pursuing self-education and training in a variety of fields. Indeed, one of her personal passions is continually learning, especially in the face of transitions in her own life and supporting the transitions of others.

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